"Lynn produces a full sound with his percussive acoustic guitar stylings. From the standard folk songs to smoky grooves to soulful blues, Lynn rarely misses"

  For over two decades, the Northern Michigan native has been chronicling the dreams of the common man. Described as “ear candy for the soul," his evocative voice, haunting melodies, and percussive guitar stylings, has created a unique style of a Dark Americana, Alternative Folk, and Blues that has made him a favorite of songwriter aficionados.

  On his newest release, ‘The Shagway Sessions,’ Lynn showcases everything that he does best.  Over the EP’s five songs he tells stories of hard luck small town girls, the tragic consequences of war, and the way the human spirit can always find the hope needed to go on and fight another day.  It is classic Callihan - resilient, thought provoking, and inspiring.  

New Release

the Shagway Sessions

Lynn Callihan

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The Shagway Sessions was recorded live with only one mic in a 100 year old barn

This project has been a cosmic array of creative talents, and has been one of my most creative projects to date. Thanks to Ear-Trumpet-Labs and the help of the following folks.

Kittie Tuinstra on Bass and Vocals

Abe Kurzer on Dobro and Vocals

Jason Hargreaves on SLAP Bass

Mike Luusua for keeping things under control.

CD cover picture by Edward Santarelli

Art work by Lynn Callihan

Mastering done by Mike Tekulve CAA Studio's Taylor Mill KY

Special thanks

To Nancy Lynn Miller for allowing us to use her amazing Shagway Art Barn to record in.

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the Shagway Sessions

the Shagway Sessions

the Road

the Road

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